Jan 2013 22

Ottawa Senators coach Paul MacLean’s evil twin showed up to the home game against the Florida Panthers and sat right behind the Ottawa bench throughout the Senator’s entire 4-0 win.

Paul MacLean Twin

Paul MacLean Twin 2

Was it his doppelganger or were they split at birth? Perhaps the MacLean twins are both from a set of clones that includes Jamie Hyneman from MythBusters and the Monopoly banker.

Jamie Hyneman

Jan 2013 21

One of my best friends, a devout Penguins fan since before he was born, has taken some time to sit down and write an open letter to the NHL regarding the recent lockout and make a simple request. As NHL fans, I think this is something we can agree with and stand behind.

To whoever can make change:

Hello, I am a devout Pittsburgh Penguins fan, but I consider myself a life-long fan of the NHL. I started playing hockey at 5 and it has been an immense part of my life ever since. I can still remember vividly that Friday, June 12, 2009 when Sidney Crosby lifted the Stanley Cup over his head. That may very well have been the best day of my hockey life! So to say I’m upset about this past lockout is an understatement! I am not one of those “fans” who won’t come back, I love hockey too much to lose it. The first lockout, I was too young to even remember. The second lockout I was in Middle School and couldn’t comprehend why anyone wouldn’t want to play hockey for a full year and just didn’t understand why there was no season. Now this lockout, I am fully aware and able to understand why our precious sport was absent for almost 4 months. To put it short, the people who run the NHL care more about money more than the sport or the fans. The executives have treated the players as workers, but the thing is, these workers ARE your product, without them none of the executives or owners would make a penny! The players are the reasons we watch the game! They’re the ones that actually love the game; they’re the ones we love! You executives need to understand that, especially you Mr. Bettman!

The reason I am writing this letter is because I want a change to be made, and I’m sure us THE FANS, will all agree with this. Always remember, if it wasn’t for us, no one would be getting paid. The change I want, THE FANS want, is for Mr. Bettman to never touch the Stanley Cup again. Mr. Bettman has no right to hold the trophy all of us dream about holding for our whole lives! It makes me sick thinking that in June Mr. Bettman will be handing off the Stanley Cup to the Captain of whatever team is ever so fortunate. I’m even more disgusted with the fact that that captain of the winning team has to thank Mr. Bettman! I would rather see Claude Giroux hold the Cup than Mr. Bettman! At least Claude and I share our love of the game! Keep saying you’re sorry, whatever, you’ve said that twice before! We challenge you to show it, actions speak louder than words. I hope in June we won’t see Mr. Bettman at center ice. The most joyous moment of the NHL season should not be dampened by a man who cares more about the money the Cup makes than what the Cup stands for and represents to us, THE FANS.

I hope you can make the right decision in this matter, and then and only then,will all real hockey fans truly accept your apology!

Ryan Brown
Penguin fan since ’91

Show your support for this proposal to take Gary Bettman out of the Stanley Cup celebration as punishment for the lockout – one way in which our voices may be heard – on Facebook and Reddit.

Jan 2013 18

In an astounding turn of events in which ESPN acknowledged the existence of hockey, their new SportsCenter TV ad features Sesame Street’s Swedish Chef and the only person who can understand him: New York Rangers goaltender Henrik Lundqvist.

And this concludes NHL coverage on ESPN for this year. See you at the next lockout.

Jan 2013 15

Jori Lehtera put an end to the “you miss 100% of the shots you never take” motivational garbage. Lehtera took a gamble and scored on goaltender Rastislav Staňa during the 2013 KHL All-Star Game in Chelyabinsk on Sunday without even shooting the puck. Watch the video and imagine how foolish Rastislav Staňa must have felt for letting that one slide in.

Lehtera, drafted by the St. Louis Blues in 2008, currently plays for Sibir Novosibirsk. On a penalty shot, he pulled a daring move that has previously been done by Marian Hossa during the 2006 Winter Olympics and during his deke, faked a shot, screened the puck with his ice skates and let it slide between the post and the goaltender untouched.

Although there wasn’t much on the line, since it was but an All-Star game, could you imagine how pathetic of an attempt it would seem if it didn’t work? Perhaps Staňa played along in the spirit of the All-Star game and didn’t put much effort into stopping it anyway.

Besides the goal, could the KHL crowd be any less passionate? You could cut the excitement with a knife.

Feb 2012 26

No one made the Tampa Bay Lightning’s defense look as amateurish as Pittsburgh Penguins center Evgeni Malkin did after scoring a hat trick and an assist.

His greatest goal came after another defensive breakdown in which Malkin used his speed, hands and size to skate through all five of of Tampa’s players on the ice and finish with a nice wrist shot through Dwayne Roloson’s legs. It was his second goal of three goals that night, but this one displayed how truly great he is at maneuvering the puck all over the ice and finishing with a goal.

The hat trick on Saturday was Malkin’s 3rd of the season and 9th of his career. He is absolutely tearing Tampa Bay up this season, scoring 2 of his hat tricks against both Dwayne Roloson and Mathieu Garon. His 4 points last night puts him at 36 goals and 41 assists for 77 points in 54 games this season.

The Penguins rallied to defeat the Lightning 8-1 as 11 Penguins chipped in either a goal or an assist. Penguins goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury finished with a .971 save percentage by stopping 34 of 35 shots.

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